Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tech Support Suggestion on Blue Screen Of Death

Blue screen of death, as suggested by the computer support experts, is a user supportive feature from Microsoft Windows. It restricts you from working too hard and makes you take a break displaying the error. Windows automatically sense the situation and act accordingly. However, if you experience the error frequently pooping up interrupting your work, ask a tech support specialist to check the system as there may be hardware or software issue involved.

Blue screen of death has a close relation with hard drive memory, disk fragmentation, CD-ROM device and others. Insufficient virtual memory often leads to blue screen error. Therefore, computer support vendors always ask their customers to delete swap and temporary files that clutter system memory on regular access. Also tech support professionals warn users from making full use of their hard disk memory. Besides hardware error, improper software functionality like registry error can also cause the blue screen of death. Not having enough knowledge and experience with computer functionalities, it may appear as a sheer disaster but the issue can actually be dealt easily by the tech support service providers.

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