Friday, January 28, 2011

7 Tips to Enhance Your Wireless Network

If you find your Wi-Fi signal is weak, it implies that your connection is not reliable and fast as it should be. Boosting your wireless network (WLAN) signal is not a very difficult task. Read on to know how you can do this yourself.

The tips:
1. Keep your wireless router, access point, and modem router in a central part of your home. If your laptop or PC is on the second floor and the router placed on the first floor, make sure the router is placed on a high shelf in the room. Did you say moving your wireless router is not possible? Try the other tips.
2. If you do not want your connection to be weak, you must keep the router away from the floor, metal contact and walls.
3. Find out if your router’s antenna is removable; if yes, you can upgrade to a high-gain antenna that allows wireless signals to be focused in a single direction. Normally a majority of antennas are designed to be omni-directional, broadcasting in all directions around the router. In this case, if your router is just next to an outside wall, the signals tend to go outside your home.
4. You can get rid of your laptop's PC card-based wireless network adapter and instead have a USB wireless network adapter that comes with an external antenna. This can help increase your wireless range.
5. It will also be advisable to add wireless repeaters for increasing your wireless range. There’s no need to add any wiring. You may just position the wireless repeater midway between the wireless router, access point and modem router.
6. may also try your hand at changing the wireless router’s channel through the configuration page of the router. This can improve signal strength. Do not worry about changing the computer’s configuration, as the new channel can be automatically detected by your machine.
7. Update your network adapter drive or your firmware to increase performance of your WLAN. Choose your vendor well; go for vendors who offer equipments of twice the performance.
These steps should help you a lot in enhancing the performance of your wireless network. In case, you are not satisfied, you may call an Cheap Computer Repair Houston service provider.

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