Monday, February 21, 2011

How to Reverse Lookup Cell Phone Numbers on the Internet

If you want to reverse lookup cell phone numbers, you do not have to be tech savvy; the method is quite easy. Your main task will be to get an authentic web service that provides reverse cell phone lookup service. You can try using web services like Reverse Genie, Intelius, Reverse Phone Directory, and Cell Phone Registry.

These web servers store the entire cell phone number database in the United States. What you have to do is enter the cell phone number you want to reverse lookup and the service will tell the number belongs to which carrier and where it is being used.

If you need the name as well as address of the phone number owner, you are required to pay a fee, which ranges from $10 to $15, through credit card payment. The information you are asking for will be mailed to you on the email address that you provide after the payment is made. You cannot question the accuracy of these web services, as they get the information directly from the cell phone service providers.

If you are troubled by prank callers, you can track them down by reverse looking up cell phone numbers online. You can look for computer repair Brooklyn services for helping you with tech support regarding any PC issues.

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