Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Computer Help for Linux Installation

While you have decided to try Linux in your system, chances are there to get confused with the types of Linux versions. In fact, choosing a particular Linux version is, of course, a matter of personal taste. Varied information on Linux and easy installation guidance is available online. You can get needed assistance from various online computer support services and can expect to get an assured service here as most of the online technical support companies employ certified technicians to interact with the customers. They provide Linux Support Map to assist your accessibility.

As tech support says, most of the recent computer systems allow booting from a USB hard drive, so you need to check the USB boot option in BIOS is turned on while you are going to install Linux in your system. Next thing is you also have to make sure that the Linux version you have chosen does support USB install and boot.

As Linux technicians suggest, you need to restart your system by pressing Setup key. Now they will direct you to move the DVD ROM drive atop to the spot of boot queue and saving your changes just exit the setup menu. To install Linux, you need to restart your system again placing the Linux install DVD drive. This way, computer support experts lead you to install the new operating system replacing the old one the easiest way.

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