Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hard Drive Noise, What to Do?

In a computer a drive is related to either the hard disc drive (HDD) or the CD/DVD drive. These internal drives of the computer are soundless when they run but you can hear a humming sound if you listen carefully.

Hard Drive NoiseThis silence or humming sound denotes that the drive is working properly and efficiently. But if you hear some weird noise while the drives are working, then you need to be concerned, as these weird noise denote that there is some problem while the drive is running and is not working properly.

If you hear any weird noise while the drives are working, you should not overlook it as this may lead to a hardware problem resulting in the malfunction of the drive. Some examples of weird noise from the hard disc drive and cd/dvd drive are:

• Sounds like claking/metal tapping
• Sounds like studding access data
• Sounds like metal moving around
• Buzzing Sound
• Clicking Sound
• Whizzing Sound
• Screeching Sound
• Grinding Sound
• Tickling Sound

If you come across any such problem, it is strongly recommended to get in touch with a computer repair company for tech support.

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