Thursday, August 5, 2010

How to Work Out Printer ERROR 50.4?

While printing in laser printers we might face such an error message like Error 50.4 with all stuck up. There are many other printer problems. You might actually have to switch off and then switch on the printer but still the error messages might reappear on the display. Different error messages, be it a plain text or a number like the one we are discussing here is very significant to the understanding of the printer-fault.

Printer ERROR 50.4

In this case, it is the fuser of the printer, the mechanism by which the toner melts on the media is the reason of the printer problem. Thinking how can the fuser go bad? It is mostly due to the line voltage. After long usage, the wire windings in the fuser go bad and there might be a sudden spike in temperature in the fuser.

The necessary thing to do at this point of time is to change the power source. Try a different wall outlet and remove spike busters or power strips that could be present in between. Connect the power supply plug directly to the wall outlet.

It is a possibility that even after changing the fuser the problem still persisted not letting you print anything. The problem in such a case is an f.e.t. transistor on the circuit board of the printer and that is again something you cannot fix if you are not very technically savvy and have soldering equipment handy. You might have to replace the printer by calling the manufacturer if it is within warranty.

You can talk to a remote tech support provider for getting help.

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