Friday, May 14, 2010

Antivirus Support- Microsoft Security Services

You must have heard about Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), the improved security tool released by Microsoft officials claiming to provide even better antivirus support than Windows Defender. It has been designed to protect your PC from a wide spectrum of malware like virus, rootkit, Trojan and malicious spyware. As tech support experts suggest, you don’t have to uninstall Windows Defender to activate MSE. This advanced system protector is smart enough to detect and disable Windows Defender automatically. But how good is MSE?

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Recent reviews have given positive feedback for MSE. One notable thing is, Microsoft Security Essential is very light weight program application that only consumes 4MB of RAM. It is faster than Windows Defender as well. A quick scan takes only 10 minutes at Windows 7 platform. So the small installation footprint of this antivirus support application never makes your PC slow.

For Windows operating System users, it is therefore advisable to install MSE as an efficient alternative to other free security software available online. But the question is, does MSE provide the best tech support needed to keep your system secured? To be frank, the answer is NO. Some latest anti-malware applications are rather more efficient to shield your system. But if you are having a free antivirus program now and you have not paid for it, tech support experts will suggest you to dump that and get MSE installed for better security.

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