Monday, May 10, 2010

WGA- A Computer Support Not Spyware

It is true that some computer support experts consider Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) as spyware. Some Microsoft users think that Windows seems to be forcing this on every update command and trying to poke into their private files even. While some other says, it is good! So, what Windows Genuine Advantage actually is?

Tech Support
According to computer repair experts and specialized Windows tech support specialists, WGA is a type of anti-piracy software from Microsoft that check if users are running a licensed windows version or not. If the application detects an invalid or pirated copy of Windows, it shows periodic reminder to the user. In that case they also never allow users to download certain updates such as Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer. However, it never prevents users from getting critical security fixes for system protection.

Now the fact is Microsoft is forcing users to install Windows Genuine Advantage with regular system updates. The feature may not be pleasant for the user of pirated Windows OS, but Microsoft always has every right to attack software piracy and insist consumers using valid copies of the software. So, some computer support experts never put the spyware allegation on this application but think WGA is a god thing to have. Post a comment below if you have any thought on WGA

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