Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Erase Hard Drive Completely with Tech Support

If you are planning to replace your hard drive, especially in case you are planning to give the old one to someone else, make sure that you have deleted all of your personal data completely. You might be thinking what so big deal in deleting hard drive content. Sure, you could easily erase the content of the drive simply with a ‘Delete’ command. But remember the fact that, only the act of erasing a file does really not remove it from the storage device. Let’s find what tech support experts suggest.

Tech Support
When you erase or delete a file from your system, it is not really gone until you overwrite the space with new information. Even if you delete a certain file giving [Shift+Delete] command to bypass the Recycle Bin, the data can be recovered using third party data recovery software utility. So, according to specialized help desk support providers and tech support experts you need to allow your operating system to reuse the space with another file and data.

Nowadays, the advanced computer support companies are offering a specialized support called Data Wiping. File eraser utilities make the files spaces available for reuse while data wiping overwrites all data space completely. So, it is rather wise to go for the second option for complete hard drive clean up.

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