Friday, July 2, 2010

All that You Need to Know About Recycle Bin

In MS operating systems, Recycle Bin is a holding area for files and folders before they are permanently deleted. Recycle Bin was introduced in Windows 95 by Microsoft. Files and folders can be deleted provided they are not deleted via the command prompt or windows API.

When data is deleted, it is stored in the recycle bin (unless you press shift + del). Of course it also depends on how the data has been deleted. If a shift + del is used, then it can’t be retrieved normally as it is a command for permanent deletion of the data.

If data is deleted and is laid in recycle bin, then the data can be restored by right-clicking on the file in the recycle bin and then choosing ‘Restore’. Once you do that, you will find the deleted file back to its location.

On the other hand, if you want to completely clear the recycle bin of its contents, then just right-click on Recycle Bin and Choose ‘Empty Recycle Bin’. This will clear the contents of the recycle bin.

By default, in windows XP, the size of recycle bin is 10% of the size of your HDD. That means, if you have a HDD of 50 GB then you will have a recycle bin space of 5 GB.

Now if you want to increase the size of the recycle bin, then right click on the recycle bin, go to properties and then General. Here you can change the size of the recycle bin.

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