Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Internet Safety Tips

Are you new to the realm of internet? If yes, you must remember some internet safety tips to make your internet browsing much easier, faster and safe. To save your precious time, you must go for a fast internet connection. You can choose a DSL connection or a Cable connection. These type of connections are very fast and the pages get loaded very quickly.

In many cases, it is seen that the users forget to log out from their account. This could be a dreadful mistake as your personal and confidential information could be revealed to another user. So, whether it is your home computer or public computers, if you login don’t forget to logout of that account when your job is done.

New users use simple passwords like “password” or “123” so that they can remember it. But remember that it increases the risk of your account to be hacked. So, it is strongly recommended to use passwords having alpha numeric and special characters.

Can’t you remember the URLs of the sites? You don’t require remembering them. Bookmark pages and your browser will remember them.

Sometimes you may get emails stating that you have won a prize. Don’t get fooled by these types of mails. Don’t open emails from unreliable source. More importantly, never open the attachments from these types of sources as they may have viruses.

For more assistance on internet safety and computer help, you can talk to an expert.


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