Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here comes the dual screen ebook laptop – a completely new definition of laptop from Toshiba. A slim and light weight gadget, this can give a stiff competition to iPads. Although it is difficult to predict the magnitude of its success at this point, however it has all the features and characteristics to make it a grand success.

To start with the specifications, this neat piece of slim machine weighs only 819 grams and it is more like an iPad on a Windows platform. It opens vertically like a book and double spread pages on the internet can be read comfortably. It fully capitalizes on the facility of dual monitor, meant for viewing for large and spread out contents. The second screen incorporates the virtual keyboard for the input of data. So a physical keyboard is non-existent. It consists of two 17.8 centimeters dual mutitouch display. The screens have a LED backlight and the processor used is U5400 from Pentium. It has 2 GB of primary memory (RAM) and 62 GB of SSD (solid state drive) as the secondary storage device. It is better than a normal hard-drive because it doesn’t have any moving parts, which are present on the normal hard-drives. It is completely based on semiconductor-based electronics. It is silent and has a lesser access time and latency time. According to Toshiba, a simple sweep of the hand is enough to drag and drop content from one screen to the other. According to Toshiba, you can actually chat face to face with its high speed mobility features.

However, we have to see what sort of configuration is necessary for dual screen monitor viewing on the “display properties” page of the Windows operating system. Is there any display glitch? The time will tell.

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